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Modern Balcony Interior Design Ideas Trending in 2022

A lot of people think that interior design is all about making the bedrooms, hall, and kitchen of a house look pretty. But it’s also important to design the inside of your complete home so that it’s functional and comfortable. That’s where balcony interior design comes in. A well-designed balcony can make your home more enjoyable to live in and increase its resale value.

Let’s get to know about balcony interior design ideas in detail:

Balcony Interior Design Essential Elements

1. A Swing

Keeping a  swing in the balcony interior is a fun and easy way to decorate it. To install the swing, first find two strong points to anchor the ropes. Then, tie the ropes securely to the anchors and adjust the length so that the swing hangs at a comfortable height. Next, add cushions or pillows for comfort. Finally, sit back and enjoy the view from your new swinging seat!

Balcony Swing

2. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is light, airy, and can add a touch of elegance to a balcony space. It is also very durable, so it will withstand the elements if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions.

3. Picnic Spot for Your Kids

To create a fun and unique picnic spot for your kids on the balcony, decorate the space with colorful banners and streamers. Then set out a picnic blanket and some cushions for lounging. Add some kid-friendly snacks and drinks, and you’re all set.

4. Make it Look Ethnic

Adding some greenery, like potted plants or hanging baskets is a great way to make a balcony look ethnic. You could also try adding some colorful fabric to the railing or furniture. In addition, you can use traditional patterned tiles on the floor or walls. Don’t forget to add some finishing touches like lanterns, candles, or carved wood pieces.

5. Make Use of Small Furniture

Choose compact and multifunctional pieces of furniture, like a folding table that can be used for dining or as a workspace. Then, add some personal touches like plants, outdoor rugs, and string lights. Not only will your balcony be more inviting, but you’ll also be able to enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D!

Tips to Utilize Balcony as Storage

i. Plan Seating with Storage

The most important factor when planning your balcony seating is storage. You want to be able to store all of your belongings so you can have a clutter-free space to relax. This is a part of a small balcony interior design. Invest in some weatherproof storage containers and store them under your seating or in a nearby closet. You can build a custom storage bench. This way, you’ll get a place to store things, as well as somewhere to sit.

balcony Seating

ii. Use Your Wall as Storage

Installing shelves or racks on the walls or hanging baskets gives you a place to store things like potted plants, outdoor furniture cushions, or even just extra towels and blankets. If you don’t want to drill holes in your walls, consider using Command strips or Velcro to attach the shelves or racks.

iii. Multifunctional Furniture

To keep a small balcony look chic and organized, use a bench with built-in storage. Use it to store gardening supplies or outdoor games. You can opt for a table with shelves or drawers to store items like potted plants, books, or throws.

How to Decorate a Balcony?

1. Lighting

 String lights can be hung from the ceiling or railings, and they provide a warm, inviting glow. Another option is to use battery-operated candles. For a more permanent solution, consider installing solar-powered lights.

balcony lighting

2. Layering

Decorate your balcony by layering different colors and textures. Use light-colored fabrics to reflect light and make the space feel larger. Add a rug and comfortable furniture to make the space inviting. Always furnish with items that reflect your personal style.

3. Layout

To transform your balcony into a relaxing retreat, first, consider the layout of the balcony and how you want to use the space. Then, add some furniture and plants to create a cozy outdoor oasis. Finally, personalize the space with decorations that reflect your style.

4. Greenery

There are plenty of ways to add greenery to balcony, from hanging plants to installing planters. You can even create a vertical garden if you’re short on space.

balcony greenery

Balcony Space Planning Ideas

1. Function

Depending on the purpose of your function, you need to determine the type of furniture and layout for the balcony. String up some lights or candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Add some flowers or greenery, and set out snacks and drinks for your guests. With a little planning, your balcony can be the perfect spot for an intimate gathering.

2. Outdoor Furniture

To decorate a small balcony, keep your outdoor furniture to a minimum. A small table and chairs, or even just a few potted plants, can go a long way in making your balcony feel like an oasis. Another great way to maximize space is to hang things up on the walls or railings.

balcony furniture

3. Choose a Theme or a Color

If you want to make your balcony a calm and serene space, opt for muted colors and soft textures. For a more vibrant space, choose bold colors and patterns.

4. Vertical Space Utilization

Hang plants from the ceiling or install shelves to hold potted plants. You can also use vertical planters that can be hung on the railings. Climbing plants can also be trained to grow up trellises or netting. This way, you can make your balcony a lush and inviting space.

Final thoughts

Balcony decoration can be a fun and creative way to add some personality to your home. By following the tips in this article, you can create a balcony that is both beautiful and functional. With a little effort, you can easily transform your balcony into a place that feels like it’s a world away.


What are the best balcony designs?

The best balcony designs vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some general considerations include railing height, materials used, and the amount of privacy you want. There are a lot of great balcony designs out there, but one of the best options is definitely the wrap-around style. It’s perfect for creating a private oasis on a balcony, and it also makes the space feel bigger. Plus, it’s really easy to add some privacy screening or plants to create a bit of extra shade.

What are the ways to furnish a balcony for reading?

Choose a comfortable chair or bench that will allow you to relax and read in comfort. Add some plants or flowers to bring life and color to the space. Place a table next to the chair or bench so you can set down your drink or book. Consider adding some string lights or candles for ambiance.

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