7 Best Online Interior Lighting Stores in India for Your Home Interior Lighting Needs

Whether you are designing your dream, new home, or remodeling your existing house, the beauty lies in the details. However, we often get so much involved in the process that it ceases to be fun and becomes a nightmare indeed. One such department is selecting the perfect interior lighting for your dream abode. 

Since humans realized the need for artificial lighting around 70,000 B.C., we have come a long way. At present, the interior designer lighting options are endless. With so many designs, materials, colors, patterns, themes, etc., finding the perfect lighting solutions for your home can be confusing and even intimidating.

As if that was not enough complex already, we now have tons of websites to shop for interior lights online. In today’s digital, virtual world, there is so much over-information, it’s nearly impossible to find the best interior lighting at economical, affordable prices. 

Now, before you open your laptop and start browsing websites for the best offer available, you must have a crude idea about your requirements and understand the basic terms used in interior lighting. Let’s dig in:

  • Ambient Lighting – The primary lighting source in a room.
  • Accent Lighting – Illuminating or highlighting statement pieces like statues, artworks, show-pieces, etc.
  • Task Lighting – Highlighting a particular task like table lamps, reading lamps, etc.

Best Online Interior Lighting Stores

Now that you are familiar with the basic terminology, here are some of the best online interior lighting stores for all of your lighting needs in India:

1. light&you

At light&you, you can find a mind-blowing collection of lighting solutions, installation guides, and design ideas from all leading global brands. From hand-picked iconic creations of famous designers to the latest technology, you can find everything here.

light&you is your one-stop destination for all world-renowned brands at unmatched prices. Their revolutionary sepcIT tool allows interior designers and architects to create projects and reduce repeatable works.


The prices of their products start with INR 5000 and can go up to a few lakhs. EMI option is available. 


light&you offers free shipping on all products. 

Return Policy

The imported products on the website that involve customs, shipping duties, etc., are not returnable. However, in case of damaged products, you can return them within 48 Hrs of receiving them.


  • Free installation in Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions
  • Flat discount of INR 1000 on first orders worth INR 30,000 or more
  • Additional 5% OFF on orders of INR 5,00,000 and above

2. Jhoomarwala

With over 15 years of experience, Jhoomarwala is probably the most popular website for finding interior lights online. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company; the products on the website find homes throughout the world. 


From wall lamps under INR 1000 to exquisite chandeliers costing lakhs of rupees, you can find everything here.


At Jhoomarwala, you can avail free shipping on selected products.

Return Policy

If you receive damaged or sub-quality products, you can request returns within 48 Hrs of receiving them.


Shop online at Jhoomarwala to get discounts of up to 40% and an additional 10% OFF on selected products.

3. Light & Living

After starting as a small store in Bangalore in 2010, Light & Living is presently one of the market leaders of interior lighting in India. More than just an online store, Light & Living is your complete source of design ideas & the latest trends in interior lighting.


The products on the website range from wall lights under INR 1000 to grand chandeliers costing tens of thousands


Light & Living offers you free delivery on all orders.

Return Policy

The products on the website are not returnable. However, if you receive a damaged/broken product, you can request cancellation within 48 Hrs.


As a promotional offer, Light & Living offers a 10% OFF on registering on their website. 

4. Jainsons Emporio

Established in 1979, Jainsons Emporio is one of the oldest and most premier companies for interior design lighting solutions in India. With their vast network of global manufacturers, they offer you state-of-the-art products at unbeatable prices. 


From pendants starting at INR 1200 to chandeliers costing lakhs of rupees, they offer a vast range of products.


Jainsons Emporio offers free shipping on all prepaid orders.

Return Policy

If you receive incorrect/damaged products, you can request returns within 24 Hrs.


Shop online to get discounts of up to 60 % and an additional 15% OFF on selected products.

5. Black Steel

Established in New Delhi in 2015, Black Steel has emerged as a pioneer in lamp making. Their lamp designs are a testimony to industrial art history and the cultivation of centuries-old tradition and sophistication.

Their exclusivity and timeless designs have a presence in over 27 countries across 4 continents. In addition to shopping for interior lighting solutions, you can browse through their design guides and blogs as well. 


From wall sconces that start at INR 1400 to chandeliers costing upwards of INR 50,000, Black Steel has a lot to offer.


You get free shipping on selected products. 

Return Policy

Black Steel has a standard 3-day return policy on all their catalog products. However, the return policy is not valid for customized products.


Black Steel has a loyalty program for its customers. You earn reward points when you register, shop, or refer, which you can redeem later as discounts. 

6. Jaquar Lighting

The world leader in bathroom fittings, Jaquar, has forayed into lighting solutions and how! From home lights to decorative lights, from commercial lights to outdoor lights, Jaquar Lighting has a lot to offer. It is probably the only company on the list that has its own manufacturing capability and R&D team.

Their high-quality and reliable products find a match for every price range. You can utilize their experience by booking a virtual meeting with their lighting expert. Jaguar lighting has its exclusive stores in 32 cities across India. Alternately you can shop their entire catalog online as well.


From LED bulbs that start at INR 55 to Wisteria Chandelier that costs 42 Lakhs, you can find anything here.

7. Pepperfry

Whether it is home decor, furniture, or lighting, Pepperfry is one of the most popular destinations for online shopping. You can browse by styles, brands, categories, or price ranges as per your requirement. Walk into any of their 72 studios across India or avail free consultation with their style experts.


From rustic filaments that start at INR 350 to metal chandeliers costing upwards of 2 Lakhs, Pepperfry offers several products from all major manufacturers. 


Pepperfry offers free shipping on all orders.

Return Policy

They have a site-wide “No questions asked” return policy.


Shop online to get discounts of up to 40 % and an additional 15% OFF on selected products.

Additionally, there are several bank offers for additional discounts.

Summing it up

Lighting is a crucial element of interior design. Whether it is your living room or study room, office or bedroom, proper lighting can alleviate and energize the vibes. On the other hand, an ill-placed lamp can be a mood dampener. This article lists the best websites to find the perfect lights for your every requirement at unbeatable prices.

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