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12 MUST Check Home Renovation & Remodeling Ideas

What is Home Remodeling or Home Renovation?

Home renovation, also called home remodeling, is the process to improve an outdated, broken, or damaged residential structure to make it either more functional, visually appealing, or both. Although it is often done for older houses, renovating newer homes is not uncommon. There could be several reasons to consider renovating your house like:

  • The house structure becomes hazardous to live
  • Plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, etc. require replacement
  • Outdated design and floor layout
  • You want to increase your home’s resale value

Although remodeling and renovation are often used interchangeably, there are some subtle differences between them. Remodeling is where you alter the structure’s layout by either extending it or changing it. On the other hand, renovation technically refers to restoring the original state with a refreshing appearance. 

What Are the Best Home Renovation Ideas?

Home renovation is no mean task. It requires thorough brainstorming, researching, consulting with experts, budgeting, and so on. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Read on to know some evergreen and best home renovation ideas that can give a fresh look to your dream home:

1. Start With Your Living Room

living room renovation
  • A recent, buzzing trend is to make a sunken area for your living room by lowering the construction.
  • Such a laid-back design makes the living room feel intimate, and your living room appears larger than it really is.

2. Make Use of Under Stairs Areas

  • Most home interior designs have underutilized or unused space under the stairs, which has immense design potential.
  • To start with, you can consider adding shelves to showcase your prizes, music, or book collection.
  • Alternately, if living with a toddler or a kid, you can transform this space into a cosy reading area.

3. Baseboard Drawers Help Utilize More Space

  • The area under cabinets and beds is another unutilized space in most homes. Instead of letting these spaces go to waste, consider adding baseboard drawers.
  • Low-baseboard drawers are perfect and offer a quick way to store small household items and make your house appear tidier, especially if you have to work with small spaces.

4. The Exterior Is Quite Essential

home exterior design
  • Don’t forget to give your exterior a makeover by adding accent pieces to welcome your guests. After all, the first impression matters.
  • Adding cheerful pieces, having a small garden, decorating the fences, or giving a fresh coat of paints to your mailbox are a few simple yet effective ways to jazz up your exterior.
  • Similarly, consider giving a facelift to the window, adding planters, etc.

5. Make Unused Space More Purposeful

  • Rather than investing more in buying new furnishing, reinvent your existing furniture and optimize the space around them.
  • For example, convert your deck into a unique outdoor bench by putting a bar rail.
  • Similarly, transform your built-in cabinets into pull-out cabinets to get extra storage space and a countertop.
  • These practical design ideas allow you to renovate your house uniquely on a budget.

6. Kitchen Island Up gradation

  • A kitchen island is a perfect way to get more storage and counter space with additional seating.
  • Add racks above the counter to double your kitchen island as a mini bar. While the rack shelves can hold the drinking glasses, you can build additional space to store alcohol.
  • Another inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen island is by painting them to add patterns and textures.

7. Use Vibrant Colors

vibrant colors for home renovation
  • Accented walls are another great home renovation idea that adds depth and décor to any room. However, ensure you choose a color that matches the planned aesthetics as different hues can result in different vibes.
  • Go for contrasting colors for a dramatic feel.
  • If you want a minimalistic or crisp appearance, select an all-white setup.
  • Bright, vibrant colors create a joyous, inviting look and are perfect for living spaces.

8. Lighting Plays a Vital Role

  • Experiment with interior lighting to create a focal point in your rooms.
  • You can select from many options – spot lights, pendant lights, and table lamps, amongst others.
  • Choose high-impact materials like granite, recycled glass, etc., for a visual treat on lighting above tables.

9. Decorate With Open Shelves

  • Open shelves are one of the most popular house renovation ideas that add an extra layer to your walls.
  • There are endless options to decorate the open selves – from covered glass doors to totally open, displaying antiques or books, or any accessory.

10. Use More Shapes

  • Gone are the days of using traditional furniture with predominant rectangular shapes.
  • Modern houses use stylish furniture – from L-shaped couches to curved tables, custom built for their owners’ taste and the space available.
  • However, before finalizing the design, ensure that it doesn’t compromise the space and is easy to maneuver around.

11. Use Colorful Paintings

colorful paintings for renovation
  • Adorning your walls with colorful paintings is one of the simplest and most inexpensive renovation ideas for old homes.
  • Choose from endless options – from abstract designs to watercolor murals, from portraits to your favorite quote, the list goes on. 

12. Spruce Up Outdoor Space

  • If you have a backyard, patio, or even a balcony, chances are you have already thought about giving it a facelift. However, sprucing up your outdoor space doesn’t require you to spend a fortune.
  • For example, adding planters & plants, changing rugs, and introducing lighting, are cost-effective ways to revamp your outdoor area.
  • If money is not a concern, you can change the flooring or get a new set of comfortable outdoor furniture.

Home Remodeling Ideas

Now that you know some general house renovation ideas, here are a few design tips to remodel different rooms in your house: 

i. Bedroom Renovation

Go for a space-saving and multifunctionality approach while renovating your bedroom. While beige colour has a calming effect, a combination of grey and white is ideal for your kid’s bedroom. Further, you can use some other bedroom renovation items like:

  • Wall-to-ceiling wardrobe/closets.
  • Soft wall shades
  • Decorative headboards
  • Thoughtful yet intimate lighting

ii. Dining Room Renovation

The dining room is where you create memories while indulging in food with your loved ones. Ensure it is elegant yet contrasting, subtle yet dramatic by including:

  • Stylish lighting
  • Accent walls
  • Comfortable furniture and décor items
  • Classy cutlery 

iii. Living Room Renovation

The living room is probably, where you spend the most time with your family. Therefore, it should be relaxing, minimalistic, and yet savvy at the same time. 

  • Nested tables add character to the space
  • Experiment with colors to set the right mood
  • Use bright lighting on false ceilings for a dramatic effect
  • Pay attention to finer details through curtains or accessories

iv. Kitchen Renovation

  • When it comes to your kitchen renovation, rather than going overboard, keep it practical and functional. 
  • Since kitchen equipment and hardware like cabinets, countertops, and appliances form the bulk of the kitchen renovation cost, don’t compromise on their strength and quality. 
  • Kitchen islands are popular these days as the open plan calls for a great cooking and eating experience. 

v. Bathroom Renovation

Whether you plan on adding a new bathroom or redoing the existing one, bathroom renovation could be the biggest or the most expensive DIY project you can have. You can consider these design tips:

  • Consider large tiles as they have fewer grout lines and are easy to clean
  • White porcelain tiles and glass dividers make the space look airier and bigger
  • Ensure you get the high-quality toilets, cabinets, showers, and plumbing fixtures

Summing It Up

Home renovation is not an easy task. It requires you to plan meticulously, research extensively, and execute carefully. However, with the right contractor, it can be a cakewalk. A professional contractor ensures that every stage of your house renovation goes according to the plan, runs smoothly, and stays within your deadline and budget.

This article lists some beautiful yet stunning home renovation ideas. Whether you have home remodeling on your mind or just browsing for renovation ideas for old homes, this guide can be a good starting point. Hopefully, these simple yet effective house renovation ideas can help you give a dream makeover to your humble abode.


What’s the best home renovation idea you’ve seen?

Making most of the unused spaces like areas under stairs and experimenting with color paints on walls is probably the best home renovation idea on a budget.

How can you remodel an old house?

Here are some old house renovation ideas to make an old house look new:
Repair and paint walls
Replace the carpets
Add stylish, bright lighting
Remove outdated wall fixtures and electrical outlets

What does a full home renovation include?

A full home renovation repairs and updates the existing architecture. It includes:
New flooring
New furniture and décor
Applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls
Fixing the roofs
Getting new curtains, paintings, carpets, accessories, etc.

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