Living Room Color Ideas

20 MUST Check Living Room Color Ideas With Images

Does your living room lack vibrancy or lustre? Introducing a fresh color scheme could be the simplest way to transform it. After all, color plays a significant role in our mood and the atmosphere around us, as different shades can have uplifting or calming effects. Whether you are redoing your living room or designing its look for your brand-new house, color should be the first thing to consider to create a unique look. Check out these modern living room paint ideas for the ultimate makeover:

Living Room Color Ideas

1. Prefer Bright Accent Color

  • Using a bright accent color not only creates a unique focal point but also acts as a separator between two zones or rooms.
  • Bright accent colors, whether used over cream wall paints or to highlight architectural features like shelves, create an impactful, contemporary look.
  • Accent colors create contrast and elevate the beauty of any living room.

2. Create Contrast

  • Using contrasting colors is the perfect way to draw attention to your living room.
  • For example, green with pink is one of the trendy living room color combinations, resulting in an energetic and vibrant color palette. 

3. Make Best Use of White

  • Beautiful white has been used for ages to transform the living room. Using the brilliant white paint on walls and ceilings can accentuate every non-white object like furniture, accessory, art pieces, etc.
  • Moreover, since white makes the space looks bigger and airier, it could be the perfect choice for small living rooms. 

4. Use Cream to add Warmth

  • Historically, cream has been a forgiving color across all designs – from contemporary to modern living rooms to traditional spaces. 
  • While white too reflects light, you can use cream color to add warmth to your living room, especially for north or east-facing areas. 

5. Make the best use of the shade of Gray

  • After white, Gray has been the popular and best color for living room walls. However, finding the perfect shade of Gray is not straightforward. 
  • The shades of modern Gray are endless – from warm shades having red hues to cool undertones of blue, and your choice depends on the color temperature of your living room.  

6. Deep chocolate brown will help envelope warmth

  • While dark colors can be scary for some, they can be an intriguing choice for your living room décor
  • Deep chocolate brown is nurturing and warm and works well in a room that feels bigger.
  • Dark chocolate color on walls with light-colored ceilings and floors will brighten the room and give a balanced look. Additionally, you can use metallic accents and accessories to ensure your living room glows and does not appear dull. 

7. Black for a dark shade

  • What’s darker than black? Nothing. Black paint is deceptive yet stunning and offers plenty of depth to your living room décor.
  • Black is a dream color for many designers – it’s subtle yet bold, confident yet dramatic. 
  • Use wall to wall black paint, and pair it with white to witness the beautiful interplay of space and light. 

8. Deep blue will help you make it Intimate

  • Blue is another popular choice and one of the best colors for living rooms due to its power to transform.
  • Deep blue is a fascinating and intimate color, especially indigo, which is intense and still joyful. 

9. Sky blue scheme for your living room

  • A soft, sky-blue palette is another growing trend due to its soothing effects and versatility. 
  • Often used with grey or white, sky-blue offers a calming, coastal feel and makes the room airier and invigorating. 

10. Tiffany blue will make it look cool

  • Tiffany blue, often associated with royalty, jewellery packaging, and class is an English color. 
  • If you are skeptical of using darker hues of blue, you can consider tiffany blue for a cool atmosphere.
  • Tiffany blue is a bold color, and if you want a balanced look, you can pair it with black, white, or red. 

11. Your living room needs green credentials

  • Green color, often linked with calmness and well-being, is another living room color idea to consider.
  • Bring nature inside your living room with green walls to infuse a soothing atmosphere.
  • Since the green color inspires creativity and spontaneity, it is a perfect choice for the living room. 

12. Yellow will help turn up the heat

  • The warmth of the yellow color gives a cocooning vibe to your living room. 
  • Yellow is inviting yet sophisticated, rich yet tranquil, and works beautifully, especially for smaller living rooms. 
  • You can use earthy shades of apple green, purple, pink, etc., with yellow for a natural and vibrant appearance. 

13. Autumnal color palette

  • While you might not be holidaying forever, you can imbibe escapism with burnt orange paints in your living room.
  • An autumnal color palette in your living room with a bold, colorful sofa and accessories adds sun-drenched warmth to a cool living room. 

14. Use pink for light and warmth

  • Pink is a versatile color and is easy to work with. 
  • From impactful ruby to softer hues for calmness, pink gives you several options.
  • Irrespective of how much sunlight your living room receives, pink paints make your living room inviting all day long and cosy at night. 
  • Although you can pair pink with any other color, it works specifically well with green, orange, mulberry, or coral.

15. Heritage red for a fabulous look

  • Red has an unmanaged warmth and is popular for its vintage, royal, and heritage look.
  • Red is a great choice to give a modern twist to the traditional color schemes.
  • Create an eye-catchy and unique living room by pairing cranberry red with bold patterns and natural elements like wooden furniture.

16. Go for metallic finishes

  • While searching for living room color ideas, the finish can be as impactful as the base color.
  • For example, a metallic finish on the ceiling adds to the grandeur and transforms the living room into a taller space.

17. Orange will help lift the spirits

  • The living room for any family needs to be a joyful place, and orange does just that! It is an uplifting color that creates a happy space. 
  • Think of orange as the new black as it goes with every color you can think of. Whether you use orange on the entire wall or use it to accessorize the living room, the result is beautiful.
  • However, if you intend to use an all-orange color scheme, ensure you provide sufficient tonal variations and textures for a balanced look.

18. Mustard will help you make a statement

  • Mustard is an inviting color that works perfectly in classic, contemporary, or modern settings. 
  • With different hues like maple, honeyed oak, etc., you can add depth and warmth to your living room.
  • Pair mustard paint with wooden furniture for an intense, unique retro feel.

19. Use peach for understated elegance

  • Peach is no longer a sweet, childish color, as it has been reinvented through various softer shades.
  • You can club peach with a grey color for a Mediterranean ambiance that fills your living room with light.

20. Pair Pink and blue 

  • Give your living room a modern look by pairing pink and blue.
  • Rich shades of blue, when clubbed with chalky pink colors like dusky pink, result in a sophisticated and stunning look.

Summing it Up

Adding paints to your living room walls is probably the quickest and easiest way to add personality and style to your living room. However, before you start painting your walls, ensure that your selected shades work well by testing them on sample white sheets. Leave them to dry for a couple of days and notice how they appear at different times of the day. 

This article discusses 20 simple yet beautiful living room paint ideas for a modern makeover. Hopefully, these ideas will guide you in selecting the perfect color for your living room to spend quality time with your loved ones.


Which is the best color for living room walls?

When it comes to the best color for living room walls, there is no single solution that fits all. Although Gray continues to be a mainstream choice for the living room, you can choose the colors that work out the best for your taste. Selecting a neutral, plain palette is a good starting point. Additionally, you can go through different living room color ideas to find the perfect shade that interests you.

What colors make a living room cosy?

For cosy living room paint color ideas, you can choose from:
1. Light colors like blends of beige, white, and stone hues for a neutral look.
2. Burnt orange color for a bold, modern look.
3. Deep forest green for a natural appearance.
4. Shades of pink for a balanced yet cosy look at night.

What color is best for a small living room?

Bright colors like white and yellow make the room airier and works best for small living rooms.

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