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Top 11 Single Floor House Design with Elevation Images

Ask any Indian who has just started earning about his dreams, and he is most likely to answer about owning a house. We Indians are quite emotional about living in our own homes. After all, home is where people make memories and build their families. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to make this dream of owning a house come true. That’s why the single floor house design, a thing of the 1950s, is making a comeback. 

Single floor houses offer several advantages – they are affordable, sleek, minimalistic, modern, trendy, etc. With a rising trend of nuclear, millennial families, a single floor house design is a perfect choice for your dream home. 

Single Floor House Plan and Elevation

While planning your single floor house plan and elevation, you have endless options. For example, you can choose materials like concrete, glass, bamboo, plaster, wood, or their combination. Here are some design tips:

  • Full-length glass doors or windows have a luxurious appeal. 
  • Small pillars made from grey stones offer an elegant and modern look.
  • Go for a wooden design if you fancy a contemporary touch.
  • Sloped roofs are perfect if you want spacious outdoor patios.

Now that you know the significance of single floor house design, here are some popular home design single floor choices to build your dream house:

1. Low-Cost Modern Single Floor House Design

  • With modern single floor house design, you don’t have to spend on staircase design. As a result, you get more living space and save money as well.
  • Neutral hues add to the aesthetic appeal of the house interior design.
  • Distinctive paving in the street and yard creates an intriguing effect.

2. Contemporary Single Floor House Design

A contemporary single floor house design adds a unique look to preserve the special feeling of the residents. A front garden gives you the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying family time.

3. L-Shaped Single Floor House Plans

An L-shaped single floor house is one of the popular choices for many planners. As the name suggests, this plan has construction on the two adjacent edges of the plot.

  • It makes the perfect use of rectangular plots.
  • The plan uses the space in the front as a garden area.
  • Consider this plan if space is a constraint, but you still want an open garden.

4. Open Low Budget Single Floor House Plan

  • One of the best designs for constructing low budget single floor houses.
  • The plan joins two or more spaces together in a spacious layout.
  • An open plan uses full-length, floor-to-roof doors and windows to make the space appear bigger.
  • The design offers ample natural lighting and ventilation.

5. Single Floor House with Multiple Sections

  • For bigger plots, it is often sensible to construct multiple sections of the house scattered across the plot rather than building multiple floors.
  • Such houses usually consist of separate garages or storage areas connected to the main house through a covered passage.
  • Also, this one floor house design plan gives you more carpet area without spending on constructing a separate floor.

6. An Open Deck Single Floor House Plan

Several land-owners don’t have the luxury of full-fledged outdoor gardens, either due to lack of space or non-corner plots. For such cases, you can consider an open deck layout that doubles as a mini-garden.

  • Open deck space at the back of the house gives you privacy.
  • The open deck plan gives you sunlight and fresh air throughout the year.
  • Additionally, the open deck is perfect for hosting parties, get-togethers, etc.

7. Elevated Single Floor House Design

  • Many localities face waterlogging during monsoons. An elevated single floor house design can come in handy in such cases.
  • The elevated design ensures water flows from your house to the road and not the other way round.
  • The elevated house also gives a pleasant view of the surroundings.

8. Exposed Bricks Single Floor House Design

Many families love the old-world, bare look of bricks. The exterior walls do not have plaster and paint finish in an exposed brick single floor house design.

  • The exposed brick design is perfect for small, cozy single story house designs.
  • Bricks never go out of style.
  • This approach saves you labor and material costs and is quick to construct.

9. Simplistic Single Floor Design

  • A simplistic single floor design offers the perfect blend of minimalism and elegance.
  • Constructed with simplicity in function and design, it has simple detailing sans decoration.
  • The design is clean and strategically uses materials that reflect your personality.

10. Minimalistic Modern Single Floor House Design

  • A minimalistic modern house uses many colors.
  • Iron fencing and flat roof with motifs and colors make the design eye-catchy.
  • The rooftop garden gives you sufficient protection during summer and doubles as a perfect place to unwind.

11. Kerala Style Single Floor House Design

  • Kerala-themed design is a perfect blend of grace and simplicity.
  • Verandah, sloping roofs, and parapet-style seating are the trademarks of Kerala-style single floor house design.
  • This design ensures you get sufficient sunlight and ample cross-ventilation. 

Low Budget Single Floor House Design Elevation Ideas

A house’s elevation is how it appears from the outsider to an onlooker. Before the visitor can enter your house, its elevation forms the crucial first impression. Therefore, it’s necessary that you get it right. While planning a low-budget single floor elevation for your house, you can take inspiration from any of the following popular styles:

  1. Contemporary – This style features stylish yet elegant designs on the exterior walls. Texture combining wood, cement, stones, and other construction materials with outdoor lighting form an integral part of this design.
  2. Traditional – Sloping roofs, clay tiles, and carved wooden elevations with subtle paints give a traditional appearance.  
  3. European – European style is all about extravagance. Castle-like exteriors having stone or brick walls with large windows and doors create a larger-than-life elevation. 
  4.  Combination – Alternately, you can combine some features of these styles to give a unique look to your house. 

What Are the Advantages of Single Floor House Design?

Single floor house design, due to its simplicity, offers several advantages like: 

  • Easy Maintenance: A single story house design is effortless to maintain as you don’t have to splurge on labor and material costs in frequent upkeep.
  • Better Use of Space: Since a single floor house construction does not have dormant areas like stairways, you can utilize the space better and efficiently.
  • Open Plan Living: Open plan living in a one-story house offers several health benefits. Unlike cramped multi-story houses, you get fresh air and natural sunlight in a single floor house. Moreover, as you age, open plan living is the best approach for retirement homes.
  • More design options: The simplicity of single floor house design leaves ample room for customization. As they have lesser constraints, you get endless design options.


Q. What is a single floor house design?

A single floor house design is a structure having just one floor, usually the ground floor, and the entire building is built around this floor.

Q. What is the cost of single floor house design?

The cost of a single floor design depends on the built-up area and the type of construction, and usually starts from Rs. 10 Lakh onwards.

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